The Australian Carbon Fund provides investors with unprecedented access to buy and sell Australian Carbon. Credit Units (ACCUS).

The fund seeks to capitalise on the increasing focus on emissions' reductions by Australian organisations, investors and consumers and tap into the fast-growing domestic carbon market.

ACF aims to deliver strong returns for investors and promote investment in activities designed to accelerate climate action.

“For large companies,
reducing net emissions,
including through offsets –
is now voluntary in name

The Opportunity

The Australian carbon market is still relatively immature in contrast to other global markets leaving a significant opportunity to acquire ACCUs at comparably low prices as the market evolves.

ACCU prices currently sit near their lowest level in over a year at $35.50.

Credits on the European Market are trading at ~A$132 and credits under the New Zealand scheme are trading at ~A$69.25 making the Australian market an affordable, yet growing, option.

Forecasts suggest Australia’s carbon price must reach A$150/unit by 2030 in order to reach net zero by 2050.

There is an effective floor price in place on ACCUs which is set by the Federal Government and minimises the downside risk of investment.

The Challenge

ACCUs offer a unique, growing, alternative investment class that until now had been out of the reach of many due to significant regulatory hurdles to buy and hold them.


The number of entities registered to hold ACCU’s

$5 Billion

Current value of the ACCU market

6 Months

Average Time Taken To Open An ANREU Registry Account

Our Solution

  1. Mac Equity Partner’s holds an AFSL over ACCUs, owns an ANREU registry account and has existing relationships with Australia’s most significant carbon credit holders and brokers.
  2. The Australian Carbon Fund will invest funds directly into Australian Carbon Fund Management Pty Ltd.
  3. Australian Carbon Fund Management is a corporate authorised representative of Mac Equity Partners and will be able to deal in ACCUs and ACCU derivatives on behalf on the fund.
  4. Boutique Capital will operate as Trustee and administrator of the Fund.
  5. Units in the fund can be redeemed for cash or ACCUs.

Download ACF Brochure

Download our Australian Carbon Fund brochure to know full information

Why Australian Carbon

As opposed to cheap international offsets, ACCUs are of the highest integrity, are backed by government buying and provide significant co-benefits benefits to Australia beyond just the emissions reduced.

Extensive Co-Benfits

Reducing carbon emissions has significant flow on effects that can be categorised under: environmental co-benefits, social and economic co-benefits, and First nations co-benefits.

We believe that it is important that investment is focused on keeping these benefits within Australia.

Government Floor Price

The government is the largest current buyer of ACCUs most recently contracting them at ~$17/ACCU.

Further to this, the recent shift in government policy to free up ACCU supply essentially places a ~$24 floor on a significant portion of ACCU supply leaving minimal downside to the ACCU price.

Heavily Regulated

ACCUs are perceived globally as the ‘gold standard’ in carbon offsets.

They are regulated by several government bodies to ensure they maintain integrity and the environmental benefits are guaranteed to remain over time.